The Beautiful Outdoors…

With StayCations rising in popularity, more and more people are choosing to make the best of their homes. New decor ideas, a probable refurbish, Do It Yourself projects are all being considered as possible alternatives to improving the overall appearance and feel of our dwelling places. Outdoor living spaces are especially popular during spring and summer seasons, if not year round. Creating a great outdoor space can result in quality family time, entertaining friends, and parties…

There’s landscaping to consider; types of plants and flowers, a wooden patio or a stone path. How functional do you want your space to be? You may benefit from an outdoor fire pit or gas grill – completed with a food prep area. Your options are endless and you have the power to create an outdoor living area catered to your specific needs. The type of furniture you choose is no less important. As a matter of fact it sets the ambience and style just as it does internally in your home.

When considering an outdoor area, most decide to make it an extension of their home. Your taste in style will play a huge role here. Are you traditional, transitional or outright contemporary and modern? WFO has a wide selection of quality outdoor living furniture in all of these styles. In this post, I want to feature Agio International: Agio, Italian for the word “leisure,” has given homeowners around the world the freedom to discover, design and live well in their outdoor rooms. With looks that range from casually comfortable to elegant and dramatic, no matter which Agio collection you choose, you choose the brand that combines the finest materials and craftsmanship to create an outdoor room that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come…

Come see for yourself!

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Paint: Overcoming the Fear…

Most major decorating projects begin with painting the walls. And this is where people usually cringe with fear or begin to feel overwhelmed. And this reaction is totally understandable. Selecting a paint color is a huge commitment, and quite expensive whether you choose to do it yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Perhaps these tips can assist on your next venture:

  • How Helpful is a Swatch? Wall color appears paler on a small swatch versus on the wall. Color on one wall will take possession of a room. If you paint all four walls; the color reflects back on itself, multiplying the affect. You can’t see this on a swatch, so keep this in mind.
  • The Effect Factor – What other colors are present in the room? The furniture and floor, the light… So many things can effect the color of the paint once it’s on the wall; even the colors outdoors. Take this into consideration when choosing a color.
  • Sample it out – Most paint companies offer tester size paint in order to give you an idea of how it will look once you paint the wall. Take time to compare colors on the wall. Consider this: the color will be on your wall for a long time (hopefully), so invest as much time possible to ensure it’s a color you can live with.
Are you thinking about decorating or re-decorating a room? What’s next your project list? WFO88