Steel Magnolia Bed

The Taste of Southern Hospitality…

Often wonder about the inspiration behind the furniture? Surely the finished product was from an idea conceived somewhere. The furniture from Paula Deen Home is exactly that…

Inspired by Paula’s life in Savannah, Georgia – with the philosophy to treat family like company and company like family. The eclectic pieces, meant to mix and match create a feel of comfort and safety, while exuding an ambiance of warmth and style. From a quaint kitchen to the formal dining room, from the cozy den to the plush living room, from a hidden study to the bedroom retreat – Paula Deen Home offers it all.

Want to know more about this beautifully crafted collection? We’ll introduce you to the many styles of furniture that make Paula Deen Home a much desired addition to your home.

Now showing the Steel Magnolia Bed, a platform bed with a coastal twist. Inspired from back porch shutters, featuring a curved headboard and raised bead molding – sure to give any bedroom a truly majestic feel. Sweet dreams are sure to take place in this cozy display… Come see it at WFO!

Steel Magnolia Bed

This platform bed is cozy with a coastal twist...


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