New Paula Deen Collection at WFO!

Introducing the new Down Home collection, a new addition to the Paula Deen Home Collection from Universal Furniture. It brings 42 new additional pieces which draw inspiration from Paula Deen’s hometown of Savannah, Georgia with a mix of English, French, Dutch and Early American styles so popular in that region.

An interesting touch is that the furniture pieces in the Paula Deen Down Home collection are made from poplar, a wetland-grown hardwood that is indigenous to the Savannah area. To give a rustic look, the wood is laid in uneven planks and the finishes make it look timeworn.

Now featuring the ‘Aunt Peggy Bed’… Come see it at WFO!




2 thoughts on “New Paula Deen Collection at WFO!

    • Yes , we’re enjoying the Paula Deen collection very much. Right now while it last, we’re giving away FREE autographed copies of Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible with any Paula Deen purchase!

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