Fill in the blank: I want __________ to

Fill in the blank: I want __________ to win the Superbowl.


Weddings Part 2…….

As you and your fiancé are deciding on the details of setting up house together, make sure to spend some time perusing decorating books. One of you might love a Country French style while the other might enjoy a more Contemporary feel. Or one may prefer a Traditional style while the other wants a Mission style home. It is okay if the two of you have completely different taste. It is an opportunity to communicate and compromise and will save you from conflicts in the future. Think about how fun it is to be a team in every area of your marriage including decorating your new home. The finished product will mean more when the two know you have worked on it together. Feel free to come in and ask one of our low pressure salespeople to show you the different styles on our floor.


When you think of weddings, you think of registering for your china, silver, etc. Have you ever considered registering for furniture and accessories for your new home? We here at Woodstock Furniture Outlet can help you find your style and make it pocketbook friendly. If you think about it, registering for furniture makes more sense than registering for china. You use your furniture every day and your china only on special occasions. Just something to think about as you prepare for new beginnings.

Green is all the rage….

The topic of “going green” is found everywhere now! We just received a green product line in from India. The furniture is constructed with reclaimed wood. The manufacturer, in a sense, recycled it and reused the wood from other structures in India. Come and check out this line and let us know what you think. It is just gorgeous!!!










A New Year~A New You

It’s that time again!!! It is time to look back at the last year and decide what needs to go and what needs to stay in your life. Do you need to change your eating habits, incorporate exercise, de-clutter your life? Do you need to forgive someone, show more love, spend more time with your family? Do you need a makeover, personally or a home makeover. We here at Woodstock Furniture Outlet are here to help you with your room makeover. If you are shopping for the best price, the best service, and the best selection, we are your place. We are the best value and bang for your buck. We have amazing designers who can help you unlock the designer inside. We look forward to serving you in this New Year.