Getting you ZZZ’s….

Sleep. Do you look forward to getting into your bed at night or do you dread it because it is not comfortable? Do you prefer a firm mattress or a soft one? How do you know which mattress to purchase? How often should you replace your mattress? We would love to help you explore your options and find the right fit for you. We even offer a 90 day Comfort Guarantee. Come in and get the details.


Do you enjoy picking out furniture for your home?

Do you enjoy picking out furniture for your home or does it make you tired just thinking about it? Sometimes we feel overwhelmed at the prospect of change, even though the change is for the better. Traditionally, the wife is the one who pushes for and picks out the new furniture, accessories, etc. Lately, we have seen many husbands becoming very hands on when it comes to decorating their homes. These particular wives are not overwhelmed now because the decisions are not up to them. I have a friend who sent her husband in to buy new living room furniture. He came in, we helped him pick out sofas, occasional tables, etc. She didn’t even see it until it was delivered and set up. She LOVED it!!! So we encourage you men to come in with your wives and be a part of the decorating process of your home. (Yes men, we know some of you like to use deer heads as decoration but just keep an open mind to all of the possibilities.)

Bonfire? Yes please!!!

Agio International is one of our outdoor vendors. We carry a great selection of outdoor furniture.

How many of you enjoy having a bonfire while you are camping? Well now you can have bonfires in your very own backyard. We have just received a shipment of the most beautiful outdoor fire pits. Can’t you just taste the s’mores now?

Winter or not….

Have we had a winter season yet? Do you think we are going to get cold weather before winter is over? I see flowers and trees beginning to bloom and I am afraid a cold snap is going to come and ruin the pretty, new blooms. We can’t control the weather but we can control freshening up our houses with spring type things. How about picking a fresh new color to accessorize with or adding a new piece of furniture or two? It is so much fun mixing new fabrics and pieces wiith what you already have in your room. You do not have to break the bank to make your room feel fresh and new. Come in and browse around and see what makes you happy.

Super Bowl….

It’s that time again. Super Bowl XLVI will get underway this Sunday night. Do you gather with your friends and family and share yummy food? Do you watch just for the outrageous commercials or do you have a favorite team you are cheering for? Do you have comfy, reclining furniture to watch the game on? If you need recliners, reclining sofas, theater seating for the game, come in and buy by Saturday and you will have it in time for the Super Bowl.

Are you ready for Spring?

We are getting ready for Spring time around here. We have just received our first load of outdoor furniture for the season. Come by and check out these beautiful outdoor wicker sets. They are gorgeous! Can’t you just imagine sitting outside, drinking your lemonade and listening to the birds sing? We would love to help you design your new outdoor room.