Shopping Online

Have you or would you purchase furniture off of the Internet? Online shopping has grown over the years and it appears that more and more people are buying things sight unseen. Would you buy a sofa without sitting on it? Are you from the old school and and have to sit on a sofa before purchasing? If it is a bar stool or piece of furniture that isn’t used much, would you purchase off of the Internet. Tell us what other pieces you have purchased off the Internet. Was it a good experience? Would you do it again?


Spring Break….

Who has Spring Break plans? Are you going out of town or staying home and working on a DIY project? Doesn’t the weather just beckon change? It makes you want to redo your house. We know we are all on a budget but there are some low cost ways to spruce up a room. We have some new, beautifully colored accessories that we just received. Think about your current color palette and look at ways to incorporate a new color into your room. You would be surprised how fresh your room would feel by switching one color out for another. An example would be if you have used a lot of red accents, you could switch to the new paprika color. It would give the room the facelift it needed without breaking the bank. If you don’t have any new color ideas, just bring a pillow or fabric in from the room and we would be glad to help you pick a new color to brighten your room. No matter how you spend your Spring Break, enjoy yourself and your family and friends.