How to Find the Right Mattress for You…

Who out there knows what to look for when picking out a new mattress? I mean really! Who in the world can tell the difference and benefits between spring, foam, gel, etc?

I will tell you who; WFO, that’s who. Allow our mattress doctor, Dr. Jeremy to inform you.

Check out this video!


*Thank You President Abraham Lincoln*

Thank you President Abraham Lincoln for your incredible leadership and service to a country torn by division and war.  Thank you for standing up for what was right, even though you faced great opposition.  May we never forget the sacrifices you and all of the other men and women made for our great nation.


Fall Table

When you set a fall table do you layer your colors and textures? Our visual merchandiser, Dianne, has put together a gorgeous autumn table using one of the rustic farm tables from our loft department! I hope you’re inspired and when you’re in the neighborhood come see all of Dianne’s one of a kind vignettes! Otherwise, check out our selection of beautiful tables online at Woodstock Furniture Outlet and find your dream table just in time for Thanksgiving!

*Our Vintage Fall Collection in WFO Loft*


Our Vintage Fall Collection in WFO Loft is so warm and inviting. Diane, our visual merchandiser, has been out again collecting these one of a kind pieces. She is like a little squirrel who stores away nuts. She collects the pieces and then when she finds that last perfect piece, she puts it all out for all of us to enjoy.