2014 Design Trends- “Touch and Texture”

Touch and TextureA New Year invites new trends. “Touch and Texture” will be the largest focus this year in 2014. Look for soft colors, recycle and reclaimed items, and silky curtains, full of texture that draws you to touch. Pictured above from our Woodstock Furniture Outlet showroom is a soft gray sofa and love seat with a few pattern pillows. Also a large printed ottoman placed on top of a wool cream rug. All these textured pieces are accompanied with accessories that include: vintage bottles in a wire basket, gray metal tray with rope handles, and a bright white horse for a modern edge.

Stop by to touch all this in person…..


Getting you ZZZ’s….

Sleep. Do you look forward to getting into your bed at night or do you dread it because it is not comfortable? Do you prefer a firm mattress or a soft one? How do you know which mattress to purchase? How often should you replace your mattress? We would love to help you explore your options and find the right fit for you. We even offer a 90 day Comfort Guarantee. Come in and get the details.

Winter or not….

Have we had a winter season yet? Do you think we are going to get cold weather before winter is over? I see flowers and trees beginning to bloom and I am afraid a cold snap is going to come and ruin the pretty, new blooms. We can’t control the weather but we can control freshening up our houses with spring type things. How about picking a fresh new color to accessorize with or adding a new piece of furniture or two? It is so much fun mixing new fabrics and pieces wiith what you already have in your room. You do not have to break the bank to make your room feel fresh and new. Come in and browse around and see what makes you happy.

Weddings Part 2…….

As you and your fiancé are deciding on the details of setting up house together, make sure to spend some time perusing decorating books. One of you might love a Country French style while the other might enjoy a more Contemporary feel. Or one may prefer a Traditional style while the other wants a Mission style home. It is okay if the two of you have completely different taste. It is an opportunity to communicate and compromise and will save you from conflicts in the future. Think about how fun it is to be a team in every area of your marriage including decorating your new home. The finished product will mean more when the two know you have worked on it together. Feel free to come in and ask one of our low pressure salespeople to show you the different styles on our floor.


When you think of weddings, you think of registering for your china, silver, etc. Have you ever considered registering for furniture and accessories for your new home? We here at Woodstock Furniture Outlet can help you find your style and make it pocketbook friendly. If you think about it, registering for furniture makes more sense than registering for china. You use your furniture every day and your china only on special occasions. Just something to think about as you prepare for new beginnings.