2014 Design Trends- Coastal strong

By the Sea

By the Sea

Ready for a Coastal Summer...

Ready for a Coastal Summer…

By the Seashore.....

Coastal Elegance…..


Winter or not….

Have we had a winter season yet? Do you think we are going to get cold weather before winter is over? I see flowers and trees beginning to bloom and I am afraid a cold snap is going to come and ruin the pretty, new blooms. We can’t control the weather but we can control freshening up our houses with spring type things. How about picking a fresh new color to accessorize with or adding a new piece of furniture or two? It is so much fun mixing new fabrics and pieces wiith what you already have in your room. You do not have to break the bank to make your room feel fresh and new. Come in and browse around and see what makes you happy.

Are you ready for Spring?

We are getting ready for Spring time around here. We have just received our first load of outdoor furniture for the season. Come by and check out these beautiful outdoor wicker sets. They are gorgeous! Can’t you just imagine sitting outside, drinking your lemonade and listening to the birds sing? We would love to help you design your new outdoor room.